“The great thing about CATZ is that everyone here – the coaches, the nutritionist, the chiropractor, and most importantly, the members themselves, are all real people. They all just want to get in shape and help us get healthy. CATZ has helped to improve my self-esteem and get me in great physical condition.”



“The program at CATZ along with Eric and Brian are the best. It doesn’t matter if it’s a class with 3 students or 14 everyone is given individualized instruction tapered to their personal needs. In other programs I usually drop out because of injuries within a month. Eric has tailored a program that has been challenging for both me and my wife but has minimized injuries for more than 10 months. Brian trains my son and has improved his soccer game by improving his strength and agility. All in all this is a top program run by two top professionals with exceptional knowledge in their field and exceptional patience with the clients.”

Peter Guastella


“I’ve always had difficulty working out in a normal gym. I become distracted either by talking to other people or thinking about my upcoming day at work. The classes are fast paced with little time to become distracted. I’ve been working out with Eric for the past 3 years. Eric provides a personal training type experience in a group setting. This doesn’t happen in a normal gym. Since Eric runs most of the adult training classes he knows my strengths and weaknesses and tailors the workouts to my situation. The group setting provides motivation and pushes you to do your best even on days where you may not feel a 100%. The training sessions are always challenging and consistently changing so there’s NEVER a boring class. The workouts have transformed my body and significantly improved my endurance. Thanks CATZ”

Gerry Barrasso


“A few years back I needed a jump start to get in shape and CATZ provided that for me. The workouts combine strength, cardio ,and flexibility in an awesome environment with great people. Every day is different and challenging. Eric has been my trainer from the start and he knows how to push all the right buttons to make sure I am getting the most out of each workout in a safe way. If you have tried all the gyms out there like I did I suggest you try CATZ it will change your life.”

Edward Dolan


“50 lbs! When I think of all the measures I have taken to loose weight and then maintain weight loss, none have worked as well as the CATZ program in Commack. Through expert training and nutritional counseling, I have been able to achieve what I have been trying to do for the last ten years. Most of all, I am indebted to Eric for his guidance and wisdom in helping me to achieve my fitness goals, one bear crawl at a time. Thank you CATZ!”

Warren S


“If you love to workout at absolutely any level, CATZ is the place to be! It is very rewarding, and the workouts make you feel stronger and more confident in everyday life. Also, the coaches really get to know and understand your abilities, and push you every step of the way.”



“You definitely don’t have to be in shape to start working out at CATZ. The Adult Fitness session have people with a mix of skills and conditioning levels. The classes have changed my life – I have lost 45 lbs over the last 13 months and I have CATZ (and my wife) to thank for it!”



“Catz has helped me become stronger and quicker both on and off the ice. The training program is developed on an individual basis to meet my specific fitness goals. I can highly recommend Catz for all your future training needs based on the great experience I have had personally.”

Keith Kinkaid, New Jersey Devils


“As a lacrosse player in the Ivy League, I know that a high level of physical fitness is required to be at the top of my game against fierce competition. The experienced and encouraging trainers at CATZ play an integral role in getting my body ready for the rigors of college athletics. The CATZ program has allowed me to take the field each game with confidence, since I know that I have received world-class preparation in the areas of strength training, conditioning, and injury prevention. I’ve been coming back every offseason for the past 5 years, because CATZ is truly the most comprehensive training program around!”

Bridget Greene, Harborfields ’12


“CATZ has gotten me in peak physical condition for both football and lacrosse and has helped me achieve my dream of becoming an All-American in lacrosse. Their workouts are hard and intense, but push you to be the best you can be. CATZ has made me an overall better athlete and has helped give me an edge on the field, which has let me excel at the highest level of sports. I will be playing lacrosse at the University of Virginia and I can thank CATZ helping get to where I am today.”

Logan Greco, Smithtown West ’14


“I can’t say enough about the difference CATZ has made in my daughter’s life. She has been attending CATZ twice a week for two years. At first, she was reluctant to attend because she never viewed herself as an athlete and steered away from any form of competitive sports. Through the support of her trainers at CATZ, my daughter has improved in all areas of fitness- strength, flexibility and endurance. Her improved skills have helped her confidence immensely. The training program at CATZ fosters hard work. Children are encouraged to do their personal best. Training sessions are kid-friendly: often including sports games that require both stamina and strategy. All of the trainers are professional and establish an effective rapport with the children that further enhances the children’s desire to succeed. I would highly recommend CATZ to anyone interesting in an athletic training program.”

Liz Paget