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Adult Fitness Programs
Adult Fitness

Adult Fitness

What our Adult Fitness
Customers Are Saying:

“50 lbs! When I think of all the measures I have taken to loose weight and then maintain weight loss, none have worked as well as the CATZ program in Commack. Through expert training and nutritional counseling, I have been able to achieve what I have been trying to do for the last ten years. Most of all, I am indebted to Eric for his guidance and wisdom in helping me to achieve my fitness goals, one bear crawl at a time. Thank you CATZ!”
          - Warren S., age 35

“You definitely don’t have to be in shape to start working out at CATZ. The Adult Fitness session have people with a mix of skills and conditioning levels. The classes have changed my life - I have lost 45 lbs over the last 13 months and I have CATZ (and my wife) to thank for it!”
          - Norm, age 43

Get in Shape

“If you love to workout at absolutely any level, CATZ is the place to be! It is very rewarding, and the workouts make you feel stronger and more confident in everyday life. Also, the coaches really get to know and understand your abilities, and push you every step of the way.” 
          - Jennifer, age 35

Achieve your best

You can expect the following RESULTS from CATZ Adult Fitness:

  • Enhance flexibility, stability & energy to feel & perform great throughout the day
  • A workout that is always FUN, motivational & never the same
  • Improve lean muscle mass to get a toned & athletic physique
  • Improve cardiovascular conditioning to burn body fat
  • Increase motivation & accountability in your workout due to our dynamic and engaging small group training environment

Hauppauge Adult Fitness Schedule

Whether you want to get in shape to achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle, or you are an athlete at heart and still play club or recreational sports regularly, CATZ of Long Island has an Adult Fitness program designed for you! We offer a unique workout that enhances your stability, mobility, control and coordination - while hitting every major muscle group in your body. Our programs will help you to burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, improve flexibility and lose weight.

Using the same principles we apply to youth and professional athletes, we tailor our Adult Fitness classes at CATZ to get you the results you want in a motivating, fun and efficient workout. Each adult class involves unique, functional workouts customized to your level of fitness – from beginner to advanced, and is appropriate for ANY adult that wants to get healthy and fit.

Why is CATZ Adult Fitness Different?

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Why does CATZ train their Adults in groups and how many Adults are in each group?

The CATZ Adult Fitness training environment of 6 to 12 adults creates a motivating and exciting workout that is always fun and never the same.

What are the advantages of CATZ workouts versus using machines?

CATZ exercises utilize full body functional movements -- without using machines -- to enhance your strength, mobility and flexibility for everyday life. CATZ exercises are fun, motivating & effective.

Is CATZ training cost effective?

Yes. CATZ training is much more cost-effective – yet provides better results than high dollar, one-on-one personal training with no long-term commitment or hidden fees.

How does CATZ workouts improve your health and fitness?

The results of CATZ are tangible & undeniable: the development of efficient muscle function, core stability, cardiovascular fitness and injury prevention – for sport or for life.

What type of relationship do our clients have with our CATZ coaches?

The camaraderie between you and your CATZ coach encourages you to achieve your personal best each time you workout

Is it easy for clients to make appointments at CATZ?

Yes. Highly flexible scheduling allows you to stay committed to your training, especially when "to-do" lists make it easy to fall off track. Flexible scheduling options for 6-days per week.

Why are CATZ coaches different?

The energy of CATZ classes can’t be duplicated -- led by degreed, strength and conditioning specialists, CATZ coaches know how to bring out the athlete in all of us

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