Fall 2015 Schedule

8/31/2015 - 11/29/2015

Time Class
6:00 am Total Body (60 mins)
8:00 am Total Body (60 mins)
9:00 am Total Body (60 mins)
10:00 am Total Body (60 mins)
12:15 pm Power Lunch (45 mins)
5:00 pm Total Body (60 mins)
6:30 pm Full Body Strength (30 mins)
7:00 pm Total Body (60 mins)
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Time Class
3:15 pm 15+ Year Old Performance (60 mins)
5:00 pm 9 - 11 Year Old Performance (60 mins)
6:00 pm 12 - 14 Year Old Performance (60 mins)
7:00 pm 15+ Year Old Performance (60 mins)
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Time Class
4:15 pm 10 - 15 Year Old Youth Fitness (60 mins)
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Client Testimonial

"I've always had difficulty working out in a normal gym. I become distracted either by talking to other people or thinking about my upcoming day at work. The classes are fast paced with little time to become distracted. I’ve been working out with Eric for the past 3 years. Eric provides a personal training type experience in a group setting. This doesn’t happen in a normal gym. Since Eric runs most of the adult training classes he knows my strengths and weaknesses and tailors the workouts to my situation. The group setting provides motivation and pushes you to do your best even on days where you may not feel a 100%. The training sessions are always challenging and consistently changing so there’s NEVER a boring class. The workouts have transformed my body and significantly improved my endurance. Thanks CATZ”

Gerry Barrasso